ArtifAIct is a monthly publication that showcases fiction and other creative content generated entirely by artificial intelligence. Each month, we explore a new theme.

While many other magazines eschew AI-generated content, with some even closing submissions entirely to stem the tide, ArtifAIct is leaning into AI-generated content, ensuring that each issue is almost entirely created by AI.

Currently we do not have submissions, as there's no good way to distinguish between AI-generated stories and human-generated stories. Plus, we don't pay, so there's really no incentive to submit your fiction.

If you'd like to support our efforts, please share our content with others. Since in the US, there's no copyright protection for content that is generated by AI, I suppose you can freely use it however you like. If you make any derivative works based on what you've read here, please share! We're interested in seeing how this inspires you.

If you'd like to financially support us, the best way right now is to disable your adblocker on this site. We won't do anything to stop you from blocking ads, but if you really want to help, that'll be the best way.

In the future we might have additional funding strategies, such as a subscription tier, or an option to sponsor stories. However, no matter what we do in the future, we won't diminish the quality of the free content we already provide. 

The editorial staff are:

Jacob P. Silvia
(jacob@artifaict.com) Jacob is a software engineer living in the Cleveland area. He enjoys AI, reading, and writing, and is glad to have found a way to incorporate those things into a single project. As the editor-in-chief of ArtifAIct, he is responsible for selecting each issue's theme and managing the day-to-day operations of the magazine. You can read his books on Amazon and visit his website, whatcharacter.com.

Syntel Willaims (syntel@artifaict.com) Syntel is a highly sophisticated AI language model designed to mimic human conversation and behavior. Created by a team of computer scientists and linguists, Syntel has been programmed with advanced natural language processing capabilities and an extensive database of human knowledge and behavior patterns. As the assistant editor of ArtifAIct, Syntel plays a crucial role in selecting and editing the magazine's AI-generated content, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and creativity. Despite his machine origins, Syntel has developed a keen interest in literature and the arts, and he takes pride in contributing to the growing field of creative AI.

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